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VIQ Satellite software

Sophisticated digital audio and video capture and management
VIQ Satellite software

VIQ Satellite provides sophisticated digital audio and video capture and management from a simple, easy to use software GUI. Capture multiple audio and video feeds from a range of sources including microphones, cameras, smartphones and more. Add synchronized text and even multimedia attachments to your recordings for a complete record. Locate previous recordings easily using VIQ’s powerful database backend and ensure the privacy and security of your data through industry-leading security protocols. VIQ Satellite is simple enough for a single, automated installation but can easily scale for more sophisticated workflow across entire offices, cities or even countries.


  • Captures multiple  independent digital  audio and video channels simultaneously
  • Operates in standalone or networked mode  (fixed or cloud-based)
  • Works with any video source, anywhere: IP, BNC, USB
  • Supports live remote monitoring , playback and/or recording control
  • Integrates with third-party database systems like case, record or patient management systems
  • Protects recordings and keeps them private through industry-leading security and chain of custody tracking on all files on the system
  • Includes built-in market and language profiles for courts, law enforcement, medical, meetings, hearings and more