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Dictation and Dictaphone products that save time

The average typing speed is 33 words a minute. The average speed at which we speak is 150 to 170 words per minute. By dictating your words instead of typing them, you can work 5 x as fast.

If you typically spend 4 hours per day on written communications, you can achieve the same amount of work in less than an hour by using dictation.


Customer case study

A Melbourne lawyer used a digital handheld recorder to dictate case notes and tasks but didn’t like the inconvenience of having to be in her office or at a computer before she could send her dictations to be transcribed.

After seeking advice from Dataworxs, she swapped to using a dictation app on her iPhone and is now able to dictate at a client’s site or in transit and immediately send it back to the office for completion before she returns there herself.


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Dictation app for your Smartphone

Advanced PC-Based Digital Dictation for Today’s Professionals

Secure & Easy Dictation Transfer