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File Transfer Assistant

Secure & Easy Dictation Transfer.
File Transfer Assistant

FTA (File Transfer Assistant) provides automated download and transfer of audio from a wide range of digital portable dictation devices. Audio is downloaded from your digital portable using a Docking Station, USB Cable or via External Card Reader and transferred using e-mail, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or Dataworxs Exclusive “Secure Connect” to transfer audio files to the desired final location. “Secure Connect” transfers files IP to IP in a private two way connection. Files sent by e-mail or “Secure Connect” are sent using 256-bit encryption to ensure complete security of sensitive data.

Enhanced user input demographics can be added to any audio file allowing improved productivity and routing even if the portable device is not capable of adding the information. Demographics can be added automatically or prompted at the time of download. User selectable fields can be pre-programmed for ease of use or to ensure the proper information is applied.

Need to transport documents and images with your audio?

FTA  provides this unique option to transport and link other associated files like text documents, images, pictures, X-Rays, etc with full encryption security.

Designed to operate in the background

Companion provides the simplest of interfaces with both verbal and visual confirmation of tasks performed. Detailed report tracking provides a complete trail of all file transactions including confirmation of receipt from the final destination.


• Monitors fixed, network, removable and FTP based folders.

• Local, Network, and Virtual Private Network file transfer.

• Microsoft Outlook Integration, MAPI and SMTP e-mail file transfer.

• "FTP" file transfer.

• “Secure Connect” file transfer – point-to-point with 256 bit encryption.

• Automatic encrypted archiving

• Automated download of audio from digital portables

• Auto-reconnect file transfer.

• Single or Multi-user input demographics enhancement.

• Delivery and received reporting logs.

• Multiple wave audio formats supported