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Audio transcription saves hassle, time and errors

The average typing speed is 33 words per minute but a professional transcriber can type between 80 and 100 words per minute.

Dataworxs transcribers have an eye for detail, a commitment to achieving deadlines, a minimum accuracy of 97% and extensive experience in both medical and legal terminology.

It’s often more cost effective to outsource transcription services than to use in-house personnel. It frees up staff to focus on other areas of the business, and gives you peace of mind to know your audio will be quickly and securely converted into a written document free of errors and misspelled words.


Customer case study

A leading Australia education provider engaged Dataworxs to transcribe their huge backlog of audio files. Needing accuracy and with a tight deadline, the education provider recognised that it would take their own staff too long to do the work and prevent them from completing other important tasks.

With Dataworxs transcription services, their staff enjoyed being able to simply upload the audio files and download the completed Word transcripts, while being able to track the progress of all jobs online.


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