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How we work: Dictation - Workflow Solutions - Transcription

1. Dictation

Professional audio quality

  • Smart phones and tablet apps
  • Wireless connectivity for real-time updating and immediate transmission
  • Standalone digital voice recorders, connect to computere for transmission of audio file
  • Cassette recorders
  • Touch-tone telephone
  • PC Voice recording software



2. Workflow Solutions

Flexible, scalable, meet client requirements

  • Secure/Reliable
    File encryption
    Password protection
    Audit trail
  • Transcription workflow
    Manage a pool of dictations and typists
    Manage priorities, templates and user preferences
  • Monitoring
    Monitor status of dictation/transcription process in real-time
    Maintain archives
  • Integration
    Designed to integrate dictation with existing systems, e.g., billing,
    accounting, document and data management
  • Reporting
    Produce reports to assess productivity and efficiency



3. Transcription

Highly accurate
Encrypted and confidential
Fast turnaround
  • Keyboard transcription
    Outsource to professional Dataworxs transcribers or use internal transcribers
    Use transcription software and foot pedal
    97% accuracy
  • Voice recognition
    Almost instant
    3 x faster than typing
    95% accuracy