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About Us

At Dataworxs we believe the most efficient way to provide speech to text is the adoption of technology.


We are part of the international group VIQ Solutions, an established business operating for over 25 years, servicing more than 200 countries with cutting edge digital audio, video and other evidence capture and associated data management solutions.

About VIQ Solutions Inc.

VIQ Solutions is the leading technology and service platform provider for digital evidence capture and content management. Our secure modular software allows customers to onboard the VIQ platform at any stage of their organization's digitization, from the capture of digital content from video and audio devices through to online collaboration, mobility, data analytics and integration with sensors, facial recognition, speech recognition and case management or patient record systems. VIQ's technology leads the industry in security, meeting the highest international standards for digital/cyber security and privacy, including military and medical regulations.

Our solutions are in use in over 20 countries with tens of thousands of users in over 200 government and private agencies including law enforcement, immigration, medical, legal, insurance, courts, and transportation and transcription services. VIQ also provides end to end transcription services to several large government agencies through our Australia-based reporting and transcription partners. VIQ operates worldwide with partners like security integrators, audio video specialists, and hardware and data storage suppliers.
Managing digital media evidence is what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

For more information about VIQ Solutions, please visit www.viqsolutions.com

Our Australian end to end transcription service has been a leader in providing transcript services and stenographers, Australia-wide. Our reputation for quality has been built on strict, on-time delivery and accurate professional transcription for events, meetings, interviews, arbitrations and courts throughout the country.

With long-term contracts for many government organisations, as well as an increasing number of private and corporate clients, we have the dependable transcript service for you. We are also pleased to offer convenient online transcription services and real-time court transcription in the form of court stenographers.

For more information about our Australian transcription service, please visit www.viqsolutions.com


Dataworxs continues this tradition of expertise and excellence, with a focus on providing innovative, cost effective products and platforms that deliver seamless speech to text solutions. 

1.      Record your voice and any audio using our best-selling Olympus and Philips digital or tape dictation products, Android or iPhone apps or proprietary recording software.

2.      Secure electronic audio files in a dictation management system tailored to your business.

3.      Transcribe words into a written document with amazing speed and accuracy using professional keyboard entry or Dragon’s ultimate transcription software for speech recognition.


Interested in all three? Find out how we can work together to create a dynamic workflow management solution for your business that drives productivity, streamlines your documentation and promotes efficient turnaround times.