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Meet the Dataworxs Team

Matthew Fowler, Managing Director

Matthew leads the company’s focus as Australia’s supplier of innovative and cost effective speech to text solutions.

With over 12 years of industry experience, he holds a Bachelor of Business and is an Australian Chartered Accountant. Before joining the company, Matthew held a management position within the business services and audit division of Deloitte.

Matthew’s favourite speech technology: transcription services. 

“I am incredibly proud of the accuracy and speedy turnaround offered by Dataworxs transcriptionists.”

Tina Di Marzio, National Client Relationships Manager

Tina has maintained a strong focus on business development and customer service throughout her 19 years spent working in the dictation industry. Before joining Dataworxs she held a sales managerial position at Grundig.

Tina’s favourite speech technology: voice recognition. 

“Voice recognition has changed the way our clients produce written communication with far greater efficiency.”

Cat Stephen, WA Client Relationship Manager

Cat’s experience working with customers from all walks of life has prepared her well for her frontline role of driving sales and customer satisfaction. Previously Cat spent 10 years leading teams of service and sales professionals for IAG and Optus.

Cat’s favourite speech technology: mobile mic smartphone application. 

“It unites dictation workflow with an already familiar and essential bit of kit – your personal smartphone.  Once you’ve recorded your notes, you can basically do anything with them – file, send, arrange for transcription, and even send to a speech recognition platform.  I use this a lot now for my own notes.”

Sean Rowell, National Support Manager

There are not many that can claim the level of experience Sean has accumulated in the installation and maintenance of recording equipment and document management systems. With over 30 years in the industry, Sean leads Dataworxs’ team of qualified IT support technicians, providing customer installation, training and support.

Sean’s favourite speech technology: Audiowav microphone. 

“Once recorded, audio files transfer over the internet protected by strong encryption algorithms, meaning sensitive dictations are safe from all but authorised ears.”

Gordon Hocking, Senior IT Technician and Service Manager

As an experienced technician, Gordon prides himself on his ability to liaise with clients and provide a high level of customer satisfaction. He is responsible for new installations, client training and maintaining Dataworxs’ dictation systems.

Gordon’s favourite speech technology: Audiowav player. 

“The software is loaded onto a user’s computer, immediately giving them access to recording capability without the cost of additional hardware.”

Jarad Spencer, Senior IT Technician

The Australian expert in VIQ recording technology and connectivity, Jarad is never happier than when surrounded by all things audio, from video conferencing equipment to public address systems. He trains clients across a spectrum of digital recording solutions.

Jarad’s favourite speech technology: Audioworxs. 

“This sophisticated dictation workflow software has streamlined the workflow for many clients who have pools of typists transcribing from various dictation sources.”

Simon Doyle, Senior IT Technician

A certified installer of VIQ and Dataworxs solutions, Simon has spent the last 13 years building and strengthening his technical expertise and providing clients with a strong knowledge source and support link.

Simon’s favourite speech technology: USB microphones. 

“USB microphones are more economical than traditional dictation devices, yet provide a dedicated device with an extremely high quality inbuilt microphone - ideal for voice files to be converted to text by voice recognition.”