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AudioWav Mic

Advanced PC-Based Digital Dictation for Today’s Professionals.

AudioWav Mic provides a simple but sophisticated method for creating dictation files right at your personal computer, while you work with all of your favorite Windows programs. Once you’ve created a dictation with AudioWav Mic, you can send it to Speech Recognition, a transcription service over the Internet, or, directly over your network to a dedicated transcriptionist immediately.

Integration with other applications such as Speech Processing, PACS, Internet Browsers or Document Management solutions is uncomplicated. AudioWav Mic supports automatic launching and automatic login with prepopulated input demographics fields through the use of Windows file association and XML communications. Allowing you to concentrate on the information you are providing and not information already available

Dataworxs AudioWav Mic streamlines & enhances the dictation process. Dataworxs provides secure internet access, productivity improvements & ease of use. Coupled with industry standard dictation hardware - you are in total control.


· Intuitive, easy to use interface, with quick access to all functions.

· Hands free dictation using optional USB foot controls.

· Multiple demographic information fields

· 256-bit file encryption for secure transfer.

· Detailed audit trail and session reports - track usage and improve accounting of time

· Selectable recording formats

· Programmable user defined function buttons

· Customizable input fields and interactive prompting

· Automatic archiving of audio files

· Multiple Suspend modes for incomplete or in progress dictation

· Integration into Audioworxs advanced voice management system

Simplify the Dictation Process

Dataworxs simplifies the dictation process by providing anywhere, anytime document creation. The Dataworxs Author application allows you to dictate in a secure environment using your standard desktop computer, notebook or tablet PC, replacing tapes & legacy dictation device.

Integrate to Speech Recognition

Dataworxs AudioWav Mic records using high quality audio suitable for use with server based speech recognition solutions. Authors are free to dictate anywhere anytime & have their dictation automatically routed to the recognition server & then for final editing by a transcriptionist. This optional speech recognition functionality greatly improves report turnaround time.