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Philips SpeechAir PSP2100

Philips SpeechAir PSP2100
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Description and Overview 

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SpeechAir PSP2100 fits perfectly into your daily workflow with integrated Wi-Fi function and three dedicated microphones allowing you to record and share your files from anywhere and anytime. 

Record your voice from your office or on the road and securely send it off for transcription. You can send your recordings to the SpeechLive transcription service, where trained professionals will quickly type up your documents for you. You can also use speech recognition for almost instant transcription results.
Save time by transferring your finished recordings wirelessly.  No need to wait until you are back in your office to transfer your recordings.  Recordings can be encrypted in real time for maximum data security.

SpeechAir PSP2100 comes with an integrated camera and barcode scanner allowing you to conveniently attach supporting photos to your dictations.  When inspecting insurance claims or real estate for instance, you no longer need to carry an additional camera along with you. All your documents can be sent off immediately, no need to wait until you are back in the office.
The integrated barcode scanner enables you to instantly link client data to a recording just by scanning a QR-code or barcode.


PSP2100 Highlights:


Three Professional Microphones

Three professional microphones deliver ultimate sound quality in any recording environment, with a 360-degree microphone ideal for recording dictations and meetings. The directional microphone is best suited for recording in noisy environments.  For VoIP telephony, the Philips SpeechAir uses a dedicated microphone for optimal results.




Wear Free Slide Switch

The ergonomic and wear-free slide switch is designed for efficient single-handed operation without the need to look down at the device. It allows for quick and easy dictation handling. A customisable function button above the slide switch provides quick and easy access to the dictation app.



    Docking Station

The docking station comes with an anti theft Kensington Lock system. It automatically transfers your dictations and recordings to your PC and quickly charges the device. The LAN connection allows you to transfer files directly from the docking station without needing to connect to a PC.

Power Saving Feature

The power saving function allows you to save battery life by setting a time limit as to when the SpeechAir powers down when you are not using it.


    WiFi, LAN, USB & Bluetooth

Save time by wirelessly transferring your recordings and dictations to your transcription staff and directly access client or patient data.  Use WiFi for VoIP calls and access your emails and calendar on the go.  Use Bluetooth to send and receive data or connect to external speakers.


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