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Olympus Digital Dictation Recorder DS-2600

Olympus Digital Dictation Recorder DS-2600

Description and Overview 

Obtain high quality performance with this easy to use Dictation and Conference recorder.

Recording Mode for Dictation:
The main microphone will record in anomni-directional mode so that the directionality is suited to recording equally in every direction. The distance from your mouth to the microphone should stay close to the recorder.

Recording Mode for Conference Recording:
Conference mode directionally of the 2 microphones changed to 90°layout.  Enables high-quality recording with realistic stereo feeling.  No matter where the speaker is, you can clearly capture the information.
Easily share your meeting and conference recordings with attendees.  These formats do not require dedicated Dictation or Transcription software to playback.

Compatible with Speech Recognition.  Fully compatible with Nuance Dragon® speech recognition software, allowing ease of transcription and further decreasing transcription time.

Two large Omni-Directional Microphones, redesigned for speech optimisation.  Independently housed for sound reproduction.
The two microphones provides clear voice capture for dictating or conferences recording.
Microphone unit with Shock Absorber covers the microphone unit and reduces touch noise from your hand to the body.

Durable Body with Large Colour Display.  Shockproof body to withstand drops from up to 0.5m.  Structural integrity improves the device lifespan to support day-to-day work for busy professionals.
Larger 2.4” Colour LCD Screen with cleaner graphic user interface (GUI).


Optional Services:

Training and Installation – Maximise productivity and ensure that you can hit the ground running with your new device. Installation, configuration & training is available from our experienced technical team and is conducted remotely at your convenience. Cost is $165.00 including GST.

Maintenance & Support Plan – Enjoy unlimited technical support for your new product by selecting this option. Our specialist technical team will be on hand to assist you with any queries you may have about the functionality or operation of your software or device.  The plan covers labour and parts for your device.  Additionally, you will never be left without a working unit as we will supply you with a replacement to use while repairs are being completed.  Annual cost is $104.50 including GST per device.


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