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Dragon Legal Individual on USB Drive (PC)


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Description and Overview 

USB only.  Dragon Legal Individual; download link and licence* key will be delivered on USB Drive (PC). 
Dragon Legal Individual Licence to 1 user, and can be installed on up to 4 Windows Computers.
* Dragon Legal Individual licence must be purchased or have been purchased.



Now powered with a next-generation speech engine and Deep Learning technology.  Dragon Legal Technology adapts to your voice and environment, speeding up legal documentation turnaround.

Designed for individual legal professionals with extensive, built-in legal vocabulary covers terminology specific to the legal community

Train your dragon using more than 400 million words from legal documents.  Deliver optimal recognition accuracy for dictation of legal terms right from the start.  Even format legal citations.  Add custom words specific to your practice.
Create custom commands to insert standardised content and shortcut repetitive tasks by voice.  Dragon captures specific legal terminology and minimises the need for edits.  Create, import and share custom words specific to your clients, practice or industry.

Retrieve, manage and improve legal documentation anywhere, anytime.
Dictate and edit case files, contracts and briefs by voice. 

Keep up with documentation, even when in court or visiting clients.
Dragon works with popular devices for seamless productivity no matter where you are.

Create, manage and improve your legal documentation on the go using the power of your voice with Dragon dictation software.

  • Specialized legal vocabulary
  • Dictate, edit and formal case files, contracts and briefs automatically