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Philips SpeechOne Wireless Headset with Remote, Dock, Status Light - PSM6500

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Headset with Remote, Dock, Status Light - PSM6500

Description and Overview 

SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset and Remote designed for dictation or speech recognition to create documents.

PSM6500 comes with SpeechOne Headset, Remote Control, Status Light and Docking Station.

This headset has been awarded a 6-star recognition rating with Dragon Speech recognition software.

SpeechOne Wireless Headset:
Works with all existing SpeechMike Premium range integrations.
Comes with a studio-quality microphone and a built-in triple layer noise reduction filter for clearest audio recordings.  The professional microphone is designed specifically for dictation and can record even in noisy environments, such as busy offices, and achieve extremely accurate speech recognition results and transcriptions. 
Wireless recording enables free movement and pacing whilst working up to 5 metres away from workstations and recordings are safely transmitted to computers in highest quality, without any interruptions.
The patented lossless audio transmission technology offers a level of quality which is unattainable by headsets based on Bluetooth or DECT technology.
Skype support with a dedicated button for easy call control.
12-hour battery life.

Ergonomic hand-held Remote Control:
Allows users to conveniently control all recording and playback functions (start, pause and stop recording and playback, fast forward and rewind). The keys are freely configurable and can be personalized for any user and application. The integrated touch sensor allows the user to easily control and navigate within applications while recording, without having to switch between the mouse and microphone.

Status Light:
Reduces interruptions and increasing productivity.  Clearly signifys to colleagues whether users are “available” or “busy”.  The light automatically turns red when using the headset to record or when your are on a call.  User's status can be changed using the button on the docking station.

Docking Station:
For high-speed wireless charging and easy pairing between devices and the docking station.
The magnetic mechanism makes docking the device incredibly easy. Simply snap-on the headset for a hassle-free and reliable charge.

An optional foot control ACC2300 can be connected directly to the Docking Station and used for comfortable hands-free recording control.

Compare audio quality between SpeechOne / DECT / Bluetooth here

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