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Philips DPM8100 Recorder with 2 Year SpeechExec Pro Dictate 11 License

Philips DPM8100 Recorder with 2 Year SpeechExec Pro Dictate 11 License
List price:$735.00

Description and Overview 

Philips professional Dictation bundle includes:

  • DPM8100 Digital Pocket Memo voice recorder
  • SpeechExec Pro Dictate License, 2 Year Subscription

The latest Digital Pocket Memo Voice Recorder is pocket-sized design with
superior audio quality and design, built-in motion sensor for automatic microphone selection and an ergonomic slide switch for efficient single-handed operation
It's robust yet lightweight stainless steel design offers perfect ergonomics for working over longer periods of time and features a large colour display screen.  
The docking station charges the battery fast, and enables hands-free recording.

The latest Version 11 license includes benefits such as:

  • All updates included, guaranteed compatibility with your Windows 10 OS.
  • Usage on multiple computers (one license at a time)

SpeechExec Pro dictation software links authors and transcriptionists.  It facilitates communication, the setup of individual workflow settings and organizational flexibility to help save time and resources.
Authors can record directly into the software using a dictation microphone and transcriptionists can playback and conveniently transcribe these files using a foot control.

SpeechLive connection available for even greater mobility.

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