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Olympus Web SCP License & Device Management Program

Olympus Web System Configuration Program License & Device Management Program

Description and Overview 

Centrally manage ODMS licensing and workflow administration

Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Release 7 System Configuration Program (SCP) perfectly supports easy central administration of dictation networks.  Designed for medium to large organisations, the SCP is sever based software which is managed via a web browser for IT administrators to install, customise, and centrally manage the ODMS environment in Workgroup mode without any ongoing costs.

Easy installation and administration:
No matter what size your organisation is, it will receive the right tools to implement a professional dictation workflow and set up a sophisticated central administration. The client software can be silently installed with a specific setting through the SCP.

Deploy configuration based on specific groups or users:
With SCP, user and group profiles can be managed in large numbers allowing for faster and easier configuration of hardware and software. Users managed under the SCP can be imported from the Active Directory in order to efficiently register large number of users.

Lock or disable functions on hardware and software:
ODMS workflow and device settings can be locked so that organisations can implement a standard workflow for their dictation environment, ensuring total consistency and accuracy.

Scalability due to the modular software architecture:
The modular architecture of ODMS allows you to create an Olympus dictation network and extend it step-by-step and year-by-year. You just have to decide how many authors (dictation module) and typists/secretaries (transcription module) will join the dictation network.

Virtualisation and private cloud computing:
The support of virtual environments with Citrix and Windows terminal servers allows you to keep the costs for the IT infrastructure as low as possible. For further information about the virtualisation of ODMS please contact your authorised dealer.


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