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Olympus RecMic II Microphone slide switch and 7-function button RM-4100S

lympus RecMic II Microphone slide switch and 7-function button  RM-4100S

Description and Overview 

Experience a new dimension of speech-to-text with the all new RecMic II Series which provides exclusive benefits of innovative noise cancellation technology, highest speech-to-text results of dictation microphones and best usability functions and design.

This RecMic II slide switch model provides 3 additional customizable function buttons that can be used to assign shortcuts for frequently used commands.  A mechanical slide-switch is designed for users who do classic dictations and want to have maximum control of the recorder/player software.

Features and benefits include:

  • Intelligent Dual Mic System for best Speech Recognition in Noisy Environments
  • Noise Suppression Features for Clearer Recordings
  • Acceleration Sensor with Automatic Mic Mute & Hands-Free Mode
  • Ergonomic Design Features
  • Recording Modes & HID Keyboard Mode
  • Fully customisable Keyboard shortcuts
  • 100% integration with ODM Professional Dictation Workflow

Plug & Play Experience
No need for additional software module installation or compatibility with speech recognition software as RecMic II Plug & Play is compatible with all running systems.  Select from Dragon speech recognition mode or Windows speech recognition mode.

Other models in the RecMic II series:
RM-4110S slide switch and trackball $449
RM-4015P push button, trackball and 8GB internal memory $449
RM-4010P push button, trackball $399

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