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Olympus DR1200 USB Microphone

Olympus DR1200 USB Mic

Description and Overview 

Olympus dictaphones.  Digital voice recorders.  Recording devices.

The Olmpus DR1200 USB Microphone boosts productivity to new levels as a total system solution with available device configuration software and a Software Development Kit (SDK) for IT administrators and systems integrators the USB Mic is stylishly designed featuring:

  • Ball-track and push button operation
  • Customisable Programmable Buttons - Five programmable buttons with respective functions to customise and suit your particular program settings to accommodate a variety of purposes, recording conditions, and user environments
  • Easy navigation with a highly durable new trackball allowing one-handed operation helping to make this the perfect input device for navigating your PC and use with speech recognition
  • Compatible with both Windows PC and Apple Mac compatible 
  • High sensitivity and low noise directional microphone which blocks unwanted background noise and provides ultra clear recordings


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