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Olympus Dictation Recorder DS-9000 with Docking Station

Olympus Dictation Recorder DS-9000 with Docking Station
List price:$699.00

Description and Overview 

The DS-9000 is designed for professionals where Wi-Fi may be restricted by policy, key features include:

Intelligent Dual Mic System:

  • Two low-noise, omni-directional microphones captures clearer speech recognition in noisy environments by creating narrow directionality
  • Suppresses sound from the back and side and retains volume of sound from the front.
  • Studio Grade Pop-Filter blocks wind and other noise generated from the mouth when talking into the microphones
  • High quality low-noise microphone unit with shock absorber reduces touch noise from your hand to the body.

Two Recording Modes for Dictation

  • Dictation mode for quiet environments. The distance from your mouth to the microphone should stay close to the recorder.  No matter where the speaker is, you can clearly capture the information.
  • Dictation mode for noisy environments.  The main microphone will be recording in a high directionality mode together with noise cancellation in order to focus on the voice. The noise from surroundings is supressed to minimum.

Protect confidential information with data security features you can rely on.

  • 4-digit PIN code
  • sensitive data stays off limits to unauthorised individuals
  • Data Loss Prevention changes DS-9500 into Read-Only device when connected to a PC, preventing careless copying of sensitive data.
  • Available in ODMS R7 Workgroup mode.

Larger 2.4” Colour LCD Screen with cleaner graphics user interface (GUI)

Impact Resistant Body to withstand drops from up to 1.5m

Built-in Motion/Acceleration Sensor detects the movement of the body and automatically wakes the device from sleep mode.

The bundled Li-92B Li-Ion battery allows users to easily swap the battery during long use.
Battery life of approximately 21 hours


DS-9000 Design Features:


Optional Services:

Training and Installation – Maximise productivity and ensure that you can hit the ground running with your new device. Installation, configuration & training is available from our experienced technical team and is conducted remotely at your convenience. Cost is $165.00 including GST.

Maintenance & Support Plan – Enjoy unlimited technical support for your new product by selecting this option. Our specialist technical team will be on hand to assist you with any queries you may have about the functionality or operation of your software or device.  The plan covers labour and parts for your device.  Additionally, you will never be left without a working unit as we will supply you with a replacement to use while repairs are being completed.  Cost is $104.50 including GST per year.


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