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Dataworxs Mobile Mic Smartphone App

Dataworxs Mobile Mic Smartphone App

Description and Overview 

Mobile Technology For The Business Professional

Your smartphone is most likely with you at all times and the MobileMic app lets you leverage this technology at any time and increase your productivity.

Dataworxs MobileMic dictation app for iPhone® and Android™ makes it possible to create a high-quality voice recording anywhere in the world – and then immediately send the recording directly into a back-office workflow system orstandalone/folder based transcription player.

Dictations can even be sent through a cloud-based speech recognition platform prior to being received with a copy automatically forwarded to you.

With the MobileMic dictation app, users can create crystal-clear voice recordings anywhere with their smartphone. Files can be sent by e-mail, deposited in a Dropbox account or securely delivered directly into the organization’s AudioworxsDictation Management System workflow for automatic routing to a transcriptionist, voice-recognition software or a secure archive.

MobileMic Features:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface, streamlined for professional use
  • Uniquely identify your dictation with a group/facility number and user ID
  • Customizable demographic entry for automatic classification, prioritization and routing of your dictation
  • Choose between overwrite and auto append record modes
  • Voice Mirror for immediate feed back of your recording level
  • Secure distribution to one or more computers via Dataworxs Distribution Server and client (optional)
  • Creates audio files compatible with Audioworxs dictation system, AudioWav Player, and other folder based transcription players

The Dataworxs Distribution Server, a cloud-based subscription package offers advanced workflow and routing functions for your dictations and acts as a central "clearing house" for dictation audio recorded on a smart phone.
Upon finishing a MobileMic dictation, the dictation audio is securely transferred to the Distribution Server and based on the rules defined in the sender's account, the Distribution Server converts the audio (if applicable), creates a Job Descriptor meta-data file, and distributes the file(s) using one or more supported distribution methods.

Distribution Features and Methods:

  • Email (single recipient)
  • Email (multiple recipients)
  • To FTP Server
  • Dropbox (via shared folder)
  • Distribution Client (pull)
  • File Transfer Server (push)
  • Speech Rec (license required)
  • Format Conversion
  • Archival (15 days, configurable)

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